Monday, August 8, 2011

Top Ten Selling Ideas

Sellers often ask how they can sale their homes quickly while still making sure they get all their equity.

Unfortunately, there are no magic rules for selling a home and being able to make a sizable profit.  However, there are the oldie but goody steadfast rules for selling your home.

Here, in no certain order, are the top ten rules that will affect your homes marketing and also get a positive response from Buyers.

1.       Location:  location is still extremely important in the sale of your home.  A Buyer is more likely to purchase your home if it is located on a pleasant street in a desirable area, then if your home is located on a busy, noisy street next to a commercial area.

2.       Price:  you should price your home just below the price of your competition.  If a property is priced right it has a better chance to sell in a shorter length of time.

3.       Condition:  In this day and time most Buyers want a move-in ready home.  Buyers live very busy lives and do not have time to make renovations.  While there are still some Investors and Renovators that buy fixer-uppers it is more likely your Buyer will not want to make renovations.

4.       Curb Appeal:  As you drive up to your home the first impression a Buyer has is your curb appeal.  It will either make the Buyers rush to come in or hesitate coming in at all. 

5.       Staging:  Once your curb appeal gets the Buyer in your front door they need to be wowed.  By staging your home to show its finest amenities will make the Buyer feel right at home.

6.       Kitchens:  By now everyone knows the kitchen sells the home. In today’s busy market Kitchens are for more than cooking, they have become a family gathering place.  Just a few inexpensive remodels can produce a high return.

7.       Competitive Advantage:  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are the only home on the market, in your price range.  You have to be priced competitively and have more amenities and upgrades than your competition.  This is where your curb appeal and staging as well as pricing, location and condition come into play the most.

8.       Liveability: Today’s Buyer is looking for easy, convenient living.  They want good schools, pleasant neighborhoods and plenty to keep them entertained.

9.       Marketing:  Marketing is now worldwide with the invention of the internet.  Billions of people worldwide can now view your home via hundreds of real estate websites.

10.   Your Agent:  Your agent can be your biggest asset.  Make sure your Agent is experienced in the price range your home is valued, also make sure your Agent is updated on the different types of marketing and is able to assist you with new ideas to sell your home.

The real estate market has made many changes in the past two years.  Being realistic about your home’s value in today’s market will be your greatest selling tool.