Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How REALTORS® Can Help Sellers Increase Their Bottom Line.

Commonly homeowners are not the best judge of the value of their home.  I myself  have fallen into this category.  There are too many emotional ties to the home for some homeowners to be unbiased.  Also they know the amount needed and/or wanted from the sale and may not be objective.

REALTORS® have the most current information about the marketplace and this information allows us to know what properties similar to yours are selling for.

If your estimate is too high some prospective buyers will consider your house out of their reach.  Frequently reductions may cause buyers to think something is wrong with the house or can show desperation on your part.

If the price is to low you will loose money you deserve.  A REALTOR® can aid you in determining the value of your house and can point out certain information to buyers that a buyer may not think of such as how favorable your location is, the fact that your house is priced within the marketable value, and how popular your house design is.

A “For Sale Buy Owner” sign in your yard could have implications you may not have considered.  For instance, your doorbell may ring at anytime of the day or night and if you are not at home you may lose a sale.  Strangers who may or may not be able to purchase your home will want to come in and look, sometimes just out of curiosity. REALTORS® know how to screen buyers; we will ask about their financing, their moving time span and be able to help negotiate things like closing cost and repairs.

Advertising is much more than writing a cute ad, it is an art.  REALTORS® know which words will get a buyers attention and how to pin point the advertising so you will get the highest and fastest results.  

REALTORS® can continue selling your house even if you are at work or out of town.  Techniques like lockboxes, internet websites, and the Multiple Listing Service allows REALTORS® to be prepared in your absence.

To sum it up many times homeowners try to save money by selling without the assistance of a REALTOR®. To a “For Sale By Owner” it often appears to be a good way to save money, but selling your house yourself can cost you time and money.  So, hire a REALTOR® and leave the selling to us.

The information above is the opinion of Deborah Burton of Deborah Burton Realty, LLC and is to be used as an informational tool only.  Deborah Burton does not guarantee that all REALTORS® have the ability to give the services listed above.